15 Tips For Being A Great Programmer

Written by codingboy

1.Delete unused code

No need to save useless code,delete the code whenever its necessary.

2.Learn to read other’s code

you should read others’ code as well to become a great programmer. When you will try to understand someone else’s code your thinking capabilities will increase. you can goto GitHub. and check open-source codes.

3.Pair program

Pair programming  allows you to play the role of both teacher and student.

4.Get involved in the community

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will motivate you to push through the lows. create coders community,join discord server of coders and connect with great developers on Twitter

5.Learn by doing

Don’t just watch tutorials or just read books,make projects while learning.

6.Keep learning

The more you learn the more you earn ,That’s very true,you have to learn daily.every day new technology is coming you should be updated with all these.

7.Be open-minded

Technology changes, and it changes quickly. Don’t oppose new technology; learn it and then form an opinion.

8.Find your interest

If you are a college student then you should try everything don’t just stick to one technology(for example web dev – ), you should try everything. for example, in your first year of college, you explored web development (HTML, CSS, JS) and you learned React.js now in the next year try android or AR,AI , ML and find which one do you like the most and learn that technology in depth.

9.Ask for the help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, asking for help is not a bad thing, but make sure before asking for help you have googled everything and gave your 100%.

10.Learn to debug

Explore the browser debugger tool. Learn the ins-and-outs of debugging with your IDE. By learning the most effective ways to debug a problem and trace errors, you will be able to solve even the toughest bugs.

11.Time management

Create a ToDo list before starting developing any project or learning anything. Write down list of topics/task and deadline.

You can use one of my favourite app.

12.Don’t compare yourself with others

When I started coding at the age of 16 I was comparing myself with others and I was feeling demotivated, it’s okay when your friends can make projects and you can’t even solve loop and switch case programs when you are learning to code. after few months of coding, you will also able to do all these thing,just focus on your own journey and keep coding.

13.Learn from errors

Don’t just copy and paste code from StackOverflow. When any error occurs try to understand why and how to happens.

14.Disable distractions

Turn of all notifications or silent your phone when you are learning or working on a project.

15.Learn design patterns

Design patterns are useful tools for architecting code. You may not need them for every project, but having a basic understanding of them will help scaffold out larger applications.

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