Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

I have published the flutter package flutter_instato

Using this package you can get details of the Instagram user such as profile picture URL, a number of followers, following, Bio, website, and download reels video.

Flutter_Insta Package link:

Github link:

import ‘package:flutter_insta/flutter_insta.dart’; String downloadLink = await flutterInsta.downloadReels(“"); //URL

7 thoughts on “How to get Instagram user’s details and download reels video in flutter?”
  1. When I am trying to install you flutter package, I am getting this error.

    [flutter_insta] flutter pub get
    Running “flutter pub get” in flutter_insta…
    Error on line 32, column 3 of pubspec.yaml: A package may not list itself as a dependency.

    32 │ flutter_insta: ^0.1.3

    │ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    pub get failed (65; ╵)
    exit code 65

  2. I have changed project name, app is running right now. But video not downloading from instgram. When I try this link “”, I got download failed.

  3. can I get your email ID or mobile number or skype? I need your help in development. This is my email ID and this is my skype ID live:1d75c0d9a3c61e19. I have one flutter project, project is related to instagram, facebook and whatsapp video downloading.

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