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How to start a career in coding? 10 ways to earn money as a software developer

How to start a career in coding?
Written by codingboy
How to start a career in coding?

How to start a career in coding? are you new to coding? or just know the basics of coding and want to earn money as a developer ?

In this post, I am going to share How to start a career in coding? earn money as a software developer the complete roadmap to becoming a software developer, from start learning from hello world to applying for a job.

How to start a career in coding?

Find your interest

The first thing is to find your interest or what do you want to work on? for example do you want to do Android development ? or Ios development? want to design the front end ? or want to build a full-stack website?

Front End development

If you have found out your interest then now its time to search basics fundamentals which you required to learn. for example, if you want to go into front end development then you need to learn


After learning JS you can search for a library/framework to learn. for example, here you can explore vue, react, or angular or just search the latest trending framework in the market.

Back End development

To learn backend first you need to learn any programming language. for example python (for Django, flask) or js (for node,deno) or ts or java for (Spring hibernate etc)

Once you have learned then start building small fun projects. you will also require to learn databases (for example SQL or NoSQL), many tools, API handling, JSON Parsing, and lot more things.

Mobile App Development

mobile app development

You can build two types of apps

  • Native app
  • Cross plateform app
  1. Native app development

Native app development means building apps for a specific OS. 1. Android app 2. ios App.

To build an app for android you can start java. and then move to kotlin. because now Kotlin is the official language for Android App Development declared by Google since 2019.

To build an ios Apps you will require to learn Objective C or Swift. Objective C is old, I would recommend going with swift.

2. Cross-platform app development

There are many frameworks available you can select and build cross-platform mobile apps. Cross-platform means you just have to write your code once and it will run on all devices, OS does not matter.

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Xamarin

There are many frameworks available but these three are on the top nowadays. but please don’t fight like react native is better than flutter or flutter is fast than react native, yes both are good and both have their own pros and cons.

If you want to choose anyone between flutter and react native then my ans is “if you know js then react native, if you know java then flutter ” : ). both are really good and great job opportunities.

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Build fun projects

build projects while learning
build projects while learning

Once you selected and started learning any language, build projects as much as you can. you can try some small fun projects like calculator, quiz app, movie details finder app, etc.

Showcase your work

Yes showcasing your work is most important. you can upload your source code on your GitHub profile and also add deployed URL of the website or play store link to your GitHub.

Build portfolio

The portfolio is like an online resume where can display all your work, education, and contact details. I have built my portfolio you can check it out here for reference

you can code your portfolio from the scratch or if you are not much into the front end then you can get an open-source portfolio template and then edit it 🙂

10 ways to earn money as a software developer

There are many ways to earn money as a developer.

1 write E-book

You can write an ebook and sell it on gumroad, gumroad is great platform where you can sell ebooks, codes,tools, etc. and it works internationally

if you are from India and your customers are from India then Instamojo will be the best choice for you.

2 Create your own course.

Once you have learned something and have real experience with that tech then you can start to create your own course and sell it on udemy or your own website.

3 Start youtube channel

You can start a youtube channel and create coding tutorials and earn money from google Adsense.

Google Adsense on youtube is not paying much so you can try affiliate marketing and sell another coding-related course, books, etc and earn a commission.

4 Sponserd posts/videos

You can make a sponsored videos on youtube and earn $$$ in returns.

5 Create your personal brand

What does personal brand mean? you can start creating content about coding on the Instagram page, tweet related to code on tweeter, Facebook, etc and make your digital presence, and then you will get lots of opportunities to earn money.

6 Open source contribution

You can not directly earn by contributing to open source but there are some indirect ways that can help you to make money.

For example, Sponsered Repository on GitHub or “buy me a coffee”.

Even if you make open-source projects and do contribution people will know about you and your skills so it will build trust and will get you freelancing projects

7 Freelancing

There are lots of websites available where you can earn money





8 Build apps

You can build apps and monetize them via AdMob and earn money.

9 Internship

If you are into college/ university then you can work while studying as an intern and gain real-world experience and earn $$$.

NOTE: Never do a paid internship(Do not pay for internship)

if it’s free then still think twice before joining because if you will not learn anything there then it’s meaningless, but if it’s free and you will learn and challenge your limits then it is fine and there are many companies that pay really well amount of money to interns.

10 Get a job

Yes, this is a stable and secure option if you want to earn money as a developer.

if you are fresher and applying for job SDE-1 role at any BIG TECH COMPANY then you will require good DSA skills. but if you will go into any startup then there DSA does not matter. can get a job with just basic DSA and mainly using your development skills.

There are two ways if you want to get a job

  1. On campus placement
  2. Off campus placement

If you are into IITs, NITs, and other tier 1 colleges where these companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, uber, etc are coming for placement then you have to more focus on DSA and problem-solving skills but if you are not from these colleges then do not worry, you can still get a job but it will be a little bit harder as compared to on-campus because here you need to build a great resume which can be shortlisted and give you a chance for an interview.

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