Top 5 Reasons: Why java is one of the best programming languages

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Java is one of the best programming languages ​. The popularity and usage of Java is still rising after two decades which is a big-time for any programming language. Today I am sharing Top 5 reasons why Java is one of the best programming languages and i am also sharing resources to start

Top 5 Reasons: Why java is one of the best programming languages


JAVA is an object-oriented programming supports object-oriented concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation, Overloading and Overriding.

which makes java language powerful.

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2. Platform Independent

JAVA is a platform-independent programming language, which means it can run on any platform such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

JAVA use byte code, it helps to make java platform independent.

3.Rich API

API stands for Application Programming provides APIs for almost everything such as networking, Database connectivity, for desktop application XML parsing ,I/O.

4.Great Big Community and Documentation

JAVA has great community of developers,if you stuck at any problem in java you can easily found a solution on the internet.

There are lots of questions and solutions available for java programming language on StackOverflow.

And you can find awesome official documentation on oracle is easy to understand and explained very well.

for offical java documentation click here

best java documentation to start learning java programming
java documentation By-

5.Simple and Secure.

why java is secure programming language
why java is secure ?

JAVA is easy to understand and simple programming langueage.all writing java code is like writing the English language, which makes easy to understand.

Anyone can start right off with Java with an understanding of the basic underlying principles of programming.

It is secure programming language, Safety features are built into the language and runtime systems. Bytecode plays important role to make java secure programming language.

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Resources to learn java programming

Download reference book for JAVA Download

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