Thu. Jan 14th, 2021
Why Linux is important to learn

Hello, today I will be telling you some dope things about Linux. Well, as the title says that why Linux is important to learn if your goal is to become a programmer?

Before telling you guys Why Linux is important to learn get started with the introduction of Linux right?

Alright let me tell it real quick!

Linux is an operating system based on the Linux Kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. There are so many operating systems, ah I know I know people often use windows from starting and get familiar with it but Linux is far better than windows if we talk about programming. There are so many parts of Linux if we say in easy words.

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  • Kali Linux (Used for hacking purpose)
  • Manjaro(User Friendly)
  • Ubuntu(User Friendly and recommended for Programming)
  • Parrot OS(For security Purpose)
  • Etc.

As I said above that Ubuntu is recommended for programming and it’s a user friendly operating system, just download it and Install(Go through any tutorial about installation)

Best websites to learn Linux:




In school, universities and institutes you might have seen only windows(Pardon me if I am wrong) running on their computers but have you ever seen a Linux operating system on their PC? Probably not! If it comes to programming you should move on to Linux because it is fast and has no viruses like windows. Well, I am not humiliating windows but for programming, Linux is best.

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